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Lorenzo Gonnelli’s short experimental video ‘Twalking’ tackles a really interesting subject: the resurrection of Adam. Taken as an experiment out of the Biblical matters, the story of Adam walking the earth alone is unpredictable and interesting at the same time. Gonnelli puts Adam in a unique position of being the core of everything in a world dominated only by nature. This short raises some important questions: where is Eve? Is Adam looking for Eve? Is the story happening before Eve was made? Is Adam feeling the pain of loneliness?

From the very beginning, we see some shots of a heavy sea, meaning that this could have happened somewhere near the Noah’s Ark story. Adam is alone in a hostile environment where nature is going crazy. The tints of dark colors are boosting the uncomfortable feeling of angst in the eyes of the viewer who can also feel Adam’s pain and desperation. But, what is Adam looking for? As it seems, Adam is going through harsh conditions to find something important. We may take a shot in the dark and come with the hypothesis that Adam is, in fact, walking the world in search of his Eve. She is nowhere to be found, reasony why he has to go through hell and high water to find her.

The post-rock score is spectacular in this combination, boosting the whole intimate experience to an ultimate level of confinement. The water and underwater scenes are meant to make you feel uncomfortable, and along with its proper soundtrack, the whole experience is beautifully devastating.

Gonnelli’s short will make you crumble, shake in fear, reach your emotions and tickle them with the hand of fear. It’s not a horror film, not even a drama, but just a mildly uncovered emotion that will both freeze and burn your mind whilst you fully experience it!

Written by Vlad A. G

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