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‘Un Homme qui me plait comme toi’ is the kind of music video that tries to be self-explanatory, and comes with no further additional information. We love to see experimental or music videos with a well-formed story, and when they don’t have it, to try our best to trace it by ourselves. Here, we don’t understand Italian, and the story is way more fun to be traced only by the visual spectrum.

This music video represents, as the director writes himself, ‘the romantic magical underwater adventures of a lovely mermaid.’ The video is quite abstract and goes to places where no other music video went, story-wise. The underwater life imagined in an idyllic way, with Poseidon being super funky, is definitely not what one would expect. We had a lot of fun with Umberto Petrocelli's music video for the main reason it was surprising how both retro and fresh was. The costumes, the glitter, all of these make-up point-outs from the 80’s made us immediately fell in love with it.


The song, even though we couldn’t understand the lyrics, is amazingly uplifting; from the first time we hit the play button, we felt the need to dance to it. We don’t know why, but this clip reminded us of an amazing short film from the beginning of the last century, ‘A trip to the moon’ by Georges Méliès. The craft seems to be the same, but taken out of time and being brought to the twenty-first century. For this generation, this kind of technique is brilliant and stylistically explosive. You don’t see this as much anymore, and when it comes, directors like Umberto Petrocelli get the rightly deserved place in the spotlight.


‘Un Homme qui me plait comme toi’ is not just a music video, but a trip through time and styles that will make every movie fanatic go wild!

Written by Vlad A. G

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