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‘Under Grace’ presents the life of two women who try to find closure, but in the process, they need to dance the problems and the life away to find the inner peace that seems so far yet so close. For us, this short experimental film came as a great surprise, as it has been ages since we had such a comprehensive dance film, where the narrative follows a simple yet exciting course.

What we like in Celia Grannum Perarnaud and Kris Jobson’s film `Under Grace’ is the fact that this short story is remarkable as it stands out from the beginning until the end. Whenever we had the chance to see such films where the dance was the main focal point, more than once, we’ve witnessed how the story came second, and the whole focus was on the performative act instead. Here, the two elements blend nicely, and one does not overpower the other. So this kind of balance is precisely what we want to see. Moreover, the score of this short is the cherry on top. As we’ve said in the previous paragraph, there is a balance between story and dance. The music is the third element that brings together the whole project and gives it a truthful meaning. There are no words in this short, and frankly, there aren’t any need, as the score speaks for the characters more than they could. 


The two great performers bringing the elegance back! Kelsey Byrne and Hannah Cardoza’s parts in this brief are eventful, as they need to follow the story whilst expressing their emotions only through body movement. It is spectacular to watch them push the synchrony back to a perfect level.

All in all, we can say now that ‘Under Grace’ is what happens when a dancer with a writer’s heart dreams of changing the world, and it succeeds!

Written by Vlad A.G

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