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'Violet Hum’ is one experimental animated music video that tackles not only the depths of the human emotions, but also the depths of experimentalism in terms of cinematography. Anastasia Beltyukova explores so many different realms in this short with the perfect soundtrack for such a crazy and interesting story.


The score composed by the Arthur Brothers follows the indie pattern, with many breaks and short style changes here and there, making the whole experience fulfilling and unique. Following the pattern of the song, the music video goes and explores so many different techniques, and while it might be hard at times to fully understand the story, you will definitely have a good time whilst trying to find the real meaning behind it.


After watching the music video over and over again we came to the conclusion that it represents what happens in your mind when you are trying to fall asleep while in your head there is a disco that just opened its doors for the first time after a long period of time. The alternation of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’s’ might seem like the war one has with themselves at night when the body says SLEEP and the mind says PARTY.


We would have liked to analyze the colors and the major contrasts in this music video, but it’s quite hard taken into consideration that the color spectrum is used to foreground the complete mind trip. However, even though the setting is similar to an explosion of bright, changing colors, the people appearing in this mind trip are always presented in black and white, pointing once again the impermanence of the human self in the land of dreams, where the story goes by even if its characters change from time to time.


It's satisfying to see that ‘Violet Hum’ has many keys of interpretation, reason why most of the viewers out there will find their own way of decoding this colorful, lucid dream.

Written by Vlad A. G

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