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If someone asked us yesterday what we know about Brazilian music and specifically about rock and alternative music, the only thing we could say was Sepultura. We were accustomed with their shady metal sound, ambiguous videos and all together a great experience that changed out views upon life for a long period of time. Now, as time went by, we found our new favorite Brazilian rock band: Johaine – a perfect combination of NU metal, post rock and alternative rock, a mix that proved to be amazingly fresh in a time where pop and disco took the spotlight.


From the beginning we have to say that ‘Voluptuous’ is a catchy video. Based on a very intimate connection between man and women sharing some deep and emotional scenes, this music video imposes through all the spectrums. Maftum marches on the idea of false privacy seen from a different angle, where the characters participating in this process aren’t aware of the fact that their actions can be seen by everybody. This ‘big brother’ type of intimacy that can go to artistic voyeurism is an amazing artistic process designed to show more and at the same time, to allow the viewer to explore their imagination.

The audio spectrum of this music video is quite heavy, having some nicely distorted guitars, cool drumming and a wicked bass line. The lyrics are poetic and this blends superbly with other elements of this clip. Just imagine it: the poetic lyrics, heavy rock sound and profound emotional video! Well, the result cannot be other than amazing. Nyck Maftum stopped following those already boring rules regarding conventional music videos and took matters in his own hands, giving us a music video that should not be missed by any rock music fan!

Written by Vlad A. G

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