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Phillip Angele's 'Wander' tells the story of Mikey Little, played by Mckay Babb, a young man with a broken foot but a dream to conquer the world. Nothing can stop him, not even his parents, with their messages and calls. He has to pursue his destiny, and in doing this, nothing can intervene. Mickey packs everything needed, takes his crutches, hops in the car, and off he goes to the mountain. Right before he gets into the car, his sister is waiting for their trip, and she seems concerned about his condition. They drive some time together until they reach the base of a mountain. Mickey and his sister Charlie, played by Marley Snow-King, gets out of the car and proceeds with the ascension. All this time, we can see Charlie going first, leaving her brother behind. They have the weirdest conversations as if something is going to happen, but no one knows yet. After they arrive at the top of the mountain, the story unveils the hidden truth, a profound dark truth that can make even the stone-cold viewer break a tear.

The script of 'Wander' has two parts – the first one where nothing big seems like it is going to happen, and the second part that is one of the best written parts of a short film we have ever seen. Phillip Angele managed to create a story within a story – first, there is the main story where Mikey wants to climb the mountain with his sister. But right from the beginning, the second story is unveiling in the details. Each scene hides at least one secret that will help the spectator understand the real meaning of the narrative as the story builds up. This trick got us hooked, and we watched the film for the second time in the hope of getting all the clues. Even though Mckay Babb's role is challenging, portraying Mikey Little, a man who has to contain his words and feelings not to spoil the magic of the moment, he does an impeccable job nevertheless.

'Wander' is a gem that needs to be understood with an open heart and a clear mind.

Written by Vlad A. G

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