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Anthony Venitis put a lot of time and effort in making ‘We Never Left’ look the way it is right now, and we very much appreciate this. He directed the short, wrote the screenplay, edited, colorized and produced the whole thing. It looks amazing, and for a wedding portfolio, it is the thing to have. Unfortunately, we cannot see how this short can be adapted to our festival’s needs, other than considering it a very non-experimental…experimental video.

As already mentioned, the clip is of a wedding, a small and discreet one. There is no story to list the short as a fiction film, nor does it contain anything explanatory to be perceived as a documentary. As an experimental, it’s hard, but not impossible, even though there isn’t a single experimental thing about it. So where to put it?

If it is to take each aspect alone, we have to say that the location is really expressive, and it makes for most of the visuals, having that simple yet meaningful touch of love and class we’re always looking forward to. Also, the colorization has that vibe of progressive new media we’re all accustomed with from social media mainly.


Again, we cannot emphasize how much we tried to fit it within any of the categories out there, taking in consideration how good it looks, and how amazing it is edited. Maybe Venitis will understand this, and we hope that he will come back with a fiction short made with the same attention to detail like ‘We Never Left’, as we can clearly see that he is extremely talented, and that he can produce something that will certainly blow our minds.

Written by Vlad A. G

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