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Alex (played by Gregory Reymont) and Amina (played by Christina Spaar) are a young couple on their way to celebrate their anniversary uniquely: they have planned to go on a camping trip in the forest, to find the beauty in the simplicity nature has to offer. On their way to the camping site, Alex has something on his chest that needs to be out there for Amina to know. He was not entirely sincere with her, as some time ago, he cheated on her. To Alex’s surprise, Amina takes this piece of information well, and she insists that their vacation should not be interrupted by anything. Whilst Amina is acting normal, Alex starts freaking out, and the paranoia begins! Each move is perceived as threatening, and Alex has to find a way to keep himself in one piece.

In Micha Meyer’s short, the two main characters are playing notable roles. First of all, we have Amina, a woman who found out her boyfriend’s darkest secret, while being strong enough to cope with all the pressure by keeping her emotions locked and loaded. Second of all, we have Alex, a man that picks the worst moment ever to let his girlfriend know of his infidelity without thinking about the consequences. Their cat and mouse game is a pleasure to watch, and when the third character takes the stage, the whole short becomes complete.


The third character is present without being seen, and that is the constant paranoia. This element is the coup de grace of ‘Weekend in the Forest’, being both an important character and the ongoing climax of this film. The whole project is unpredictable from start to end, and through this unpredictability comes the beauty of a story that can surprise you when you least expect. Micha Meyer brings back the spectacular simplicity we forgot was possible in short stories of this kind.

Written by Vlad A. G

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