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‘When 2 Wrongs’ focuses on two things: first, to prove the point that police officers are always on duty even when they are off-duty and second, that education is an ongoing process, and every person out there should be aware of the changes in the world we are living in. 

Officer O’Malley is part of the police force, which lately are dealing with one important issue: kidnapped kids. The whole task force is involved in finding a serial kidnapper that seems to be almost invisible. Only very few details about him are public, and literally, no one can pinpoint at least one major characteristic about him. As a good cop, O’Malley takes this in consideration, but at the same time, he is doing his job with great care, looking to find as many information as he can while doing his day-to-day job. As we know, life works in mysterious ways, and Officer O’Malley will seek the opportunity to do what is right for the whole town. 

Clinton Phillips created a short in the good old fashion way – a story with vicissitudes that happens to have a well-deserved happy ending. Interestingly, we humans tend to get fond of the evil characters in movies; who didn’t like Heath Ledger’s Joker, or who wasn’t rooting for Pablo Escobar in Narcos? But Clinton Phillips managed to create a hero, not a superhero like in cartoons, but a real true hero who fights with his humane powers to overpower the evil that roams the streets and hides in plain sight. In a world that fantasizes about flying superheroes that can shoot a laser from their eyes, a police officer who does good is what we need to see — a refreshing story with a real view over problems that are concerning every one of us.

Written by Vlad A. G

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