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A young girl singing about life – what is not to like about that? The song is a parody of the music scene of the past couple of years, with apparent references everywhere. We will not comment on the song, because everybody can be a singer nowadays with a little bit of auto-tune and a good producer; we will focus entirely on the video.

For kids nowadays, artists like Beyoncé and Rihanna are role models, reason why it’s no surprise why they try to be like them. In this music video, we can see a little girl doing her tribute to Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ in the best way she can. By watching this short clip, we have come to realize the influence of Beyoncé’s work – it is the kind of artist that makes you go crazy for her. Her costumes, hairstyle and make-up are becoming instant classics as everybody wants to copy them, and they are hard to be ignored by the general public. Journey Christine, the singer, portrays in this song the new generation – highly emancipated kids, having a different set of values than the past generation, wanting success and fame. The scene with her staying on top of the police car or the boxing scene with a yellow background that are references to famous clips that emerged in the past years are mixed with bits of kids playing piñata or balloons falling over kids dancing and acting their age. The combination of a child’s play and hip-hop attitude is just hilarious to us, and it reached the goal (if there was one) – to be funny and laidback.


In ‘Work,’ Ian Cawley showed us what happens when you take a kid’s song and put it on a rap track with various effects. If stars like Hannah Montana managed to succeed with that pop-rock she was embracing, why won’t Journey Christine win the hearts of millions of infants with her new style?

Written by Vlad A. G

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