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Jack Tracy is no stranger to us anymore. We’ve had the chance to see some of his works and we will be completely honest when we will say that he is a visionary and a very important figure in the LGBT movie scene. Every piece of his work we landed our eyes on was in one way or another innovative, interesting and altogether an element of reference in this field. History is a series we really need, because this topic is unexplored, and still an enigma for most of the viewers out there.

In this episode, Jamie finds the ugly truth, the worst thing one could wake up to – a dangerous disease. In order to straighten things up, he has to get in touch with all the partners he’s been with in the past months and try to do something about this problem, and also, to find the root of the problem. All of the episodes we’ve seen from ‘History’ have that unique and brilliant live cinematic feel that will make the viewer feel part of the narrative. There are moments when you can sense being on the couch right next one of the characters. The pop-up messages on the screen have a very nice effect in taking the viewer through the screen and right in the middle of the action. Also, every love scene is put together nicely, to show the right amount of skin to be safe for work, but also being extremely intense and passionate.

Jack Tracy surprised us, and we bet he will do it again in the future. The episodes of ‘History’ are growing in front of our eyes, and the topics are becoming hotter and hotter. We cannot wait to see what will come next, but there is no doubt this director will totally surprise us again.

Written by Vlad A. G

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