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Yana Zinov’s project has an interesting circularity that makes it even more interesting for us all the more so since in the beginning, one of the characters says this line: "I guess they thought I was you". Later on, the last scene of this short closes with the same line, leaving the ending open for new interpretations. As it sits right now, this short can be perceived in many ways; for example, the main character Josh Parker, beautifully played by Drew Schrum, reminded us of Patrick Bateman from ‘American Psycho’.

We have made this comparison based on the luxurious life he is living, and how sometimes wellbeing interferes with one’s sense of self. Bateman in the latterly mentioned movie plays the character of a psycho with hedonistic and violent fantasies. Parkes also has these two characteristics, but he packs something else on the side too – distrust on his own powers and on his own self. It would not have been so surprising for us if this film ended with Parker strapped in a wheelchair in a mental facility. His need for power is self-explanatory, but he is not willing to do much for it.

Apart from a great performance from Drew Schrum, ‘You or Me’ stands out for its exceptional cinematography, delivering the right vibe of insecurity and despair. As you go through the film, the feelings will become so real that you will constantly ask yourself if this short is not too close to you. Yana Zinov’s 'YOU or ME' has the power to make you feel insecure, and for a short movie like this one, given its runtime, this is excellent. She knows how to push the right buttons in order to trigger the most intimate feelings one can hide inside, making your heart go wild with every passing minute. A true example of artistry!

Written by Sebastian Rodriguez

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