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Aguendia Fotabong’s 'Young Blood' is not a film for the slow-minded. 'Young Blood' is a fast-paced adventure ride that you'll laugh at, love and hate, all at the same time. It tells the story of Johnny, a young gangster with extraordinary abilities, who wants to be a big shot in the biggest criminal organization led by the mysterious Stalwart. One day, an opportunity to impress Stalwart knocks at his door. The only question is if he took advantage of it or not.

The movie becomes a bit easier to understand once you realize that it's essentially a black comedy dressed up as a crime drama. The dialogue is pretty neat, easing things out. The first fight scene is pretty impressive and it really surprised us. The comebacks are pretty much a key of understanding this movie – pop-pulp, with a hint of Tarantino, hidden behind the curtains.

No part of the storyline is a disappointment. If violent movies have to be made, then this is the way to make them. The cartoonish manner of both characterization and action makes it far more digestible than other films in our festival.

The acting is good. The writer-director Aguendia Fotabong is to be congratulated for getting his vision made this way. His style is quite talky in this movie.  Every scene was skillfully thought out and perfected. Basically, it is very hard to find major flaws in this short movie, as it is packed perfectly and ready to go.

If you're one of those whose idea of great cinema is happy people in happy cities with happy endings, 'Young Blood' is not the movie for you. For the cinema maestro who will appreciate something different and not be threatened by something out of the mainstream, watch 'Young Blood'…”We dare you…we double dare you!”.

Written by Vlad A. G

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